We are not
reinventing the wheel

No patentable, made
in a lab ingredients here

Instead, we rely on
traditional plant knowledge

That has been tested
on humans for centuries

To create a skincare
routine for sensitive skin

That is effective
and good for the planet

The Cousin's Ethos

The Earth: We source ingredients from farmers we trust, who are doing their part to take care of this planet. The earth is our playground and we want to continue to enjoy its wonders. 

The Steps: We rely on traditional plant knowledge and natural remedies passed down through the generations. We are not reinventing the wheel and we do not test on animals. 

The Point: We're not covering up anything over here. We're all about enhancing and healing what you already have. It's pretty simple. You be you.

fresh ingredients -- reusable packaging -- a very simple routine -- this is nudo




The world problem I want to make a positive impact on is:
Environmental and food justice - everyone has the right to pristine water, natural woodlands, and fresh and organic food. One need not displace the other.

When bogged down at work, I daydream about: 
Herding goats through the desert, along canyons and creeks, with my dog at my side and harvesting wild plants along the way.

Every week, I do something that scares me:
I have a mild phobia of drowning, but I get in the water to learn how to surf every chance I get. It’s terrifying, but empowering because every time I see my mental and physical strength grow.

My favorite selfcare rituals are:
yoga, reading, singing and planting seeds.



My favorite thing to do the old fashioned way is: 
make dresses. If I have an event (and the time!), I’ll pull out some fabric I’ve collected and start draping it over myself. With no patterns nor a real plan, I start cutting and sewing until it looks just right. The best part? A guarantee that no one will be dressed like you.

I get invited to parties for:
my salads. Apparently they are “too good to be a salad!” One of my favorites is dino kale, radicchio, manchega, pancetta, lemon, balsamic, olive oil and salt.

When bogged down at work, I daydream about:
living on a boat. I’ve always been a water girl and some of my favorite memories are scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, surfing the small beaches of Costa Rica, and sailing from one remote island to the next in the Virgin Islands.

On the weekends you can find me:
out of town, antique shopping, visiting local breweries, and cooking. Always cooking.