We are not
reinventing the wheel

No patentable, made
in a lab ingredients here

Instead, we rely on
traditional plant knowledge

That has been tested
on humans for centuries

To create a skincare
routine for sensitive skin

That is effective
and good for the planet

The Details

Animal testing - We don't test on animals. We test on our family and friends.

Skin is skin - We believe skin is skin. We all have it and want to take care of it.

Sourcing - We source from suppliers that are doing their part to take care of the earth.

Non comedogenic - We choose oils that are non comedogenic, aka, they won't clog your pores.

Farm to skin - We think your skin needs to be fed too. Our oils can help with that.

8 ingredients or less - We don't include any nonsense. We use plant (no nut) oils from nature.

Reusable packaging - We package in reusable glass bottles. We want to limit our plastic footprint.

Oils for oily skin - The more oils you use, the less oily you'll be. Crazy - we know.


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